The students admitted to the college are normally required to live in the hostel.


1. Hostel Admission


  • Student desirous to live in the hostel shall submit applications to the Dean of the college on the prescribed form which will be supplied from the office.
  • Students have to deposit the hostel fee as per It is pertinent to mention here that hostel fee is NON’ REFUNDABLE even if either the student leave the hostel at his own choice or if the competent authority expel the student to leave hostel on the recommendation of the student disciplinary committee of the college. The concerned warden will allot the room and furniture s to students, a copy of which will be endorsed to the Dean s office for cross checking of the records.
  • After allotment of room in the hostel, the student would have to receive furniture’s/ other items if any, on a register meant for the While leaving the hostel, student should have to handover complete charge of the room to the warden.

NOTE: The room/seat once allotted is final and no shifting shall be made by the student at his/ her own will. Prior permission of the warden must be obtained for any change.


2. Hostel Regulations


  • The ragging of the student is strictly Any student found guilty of this act be punished severely which may include expulsion from the hostel or college.
  • No students (Boys & Girls) are being allowed after 05:30 PM to either of the Hostel, IYNS.
  • Lighting fire or preparing food or other eatables in the rooms is not permissible.
  • Students are also not allowed to carry food to the room from the kitchen/dining hall.
  • Students should not tamper with the electric fittings of the hostel.
  • No electric appliances (TV, Radio, Room Heaters, Electric press ) will be permitted in the rooms.
  • Any loss or damage done to the hostel property, furniture, electric fittings, utensils shall be paid by the student at fault. If not to any particular member, the cost of the damage will be recovered from all the members collectively.
  • The room of students is liable to be checked at any time and if needed the same may be opened by an authorized committee even in the absence of the concerned student.
  • Student shall not issue orders to hostel servants and not interfere with their works. In case of misconduct or unsatisfactory service on the part of servants, students shall immediately report the matter to the concerned warden.
  • Students should not mishandle or misbehave or assault hostel/mess servants.
  • Items of common utility such as magazines, newspapers, radio, television, indoor game materials, utensils etc. should not be taken to the room.
  • Absence from the hostel after directives issued by the institute from time to time will be considered a serious offence. Concerned warden may grant permission to stay out which shall generally not be granted for more than once a week.
  • Students shall not keep large sum of money or valuables in their The hostel authorities will not accept any responsibility for the goods lost by the students.
  • Strict disciplinary action shall be taken against the student violating their rules or thereby creating complications for the authorities.
  • Students shall not misuse or waste light and water in the hostel.
  • Each hostel will have requisite number of Block Monitors who will be appointed by the concerned warden. The Block Monitor will himself observe the hostel rules strictly and set an example of sense of duty, obedience, discipline and courteousness to the fellow members.
  • At the time of vacation the students are required to leave the hostel within 24 hours unless and otherwise permitted by the warden. Any one disobeying this rule is liable to disciplinary action.
  • ( r) During the summer vacation the student shall have to vacate the rooms. In special cases a student may stay in the hostel after prior permission of the competent authority and shall have to pay room rent and other hostel charges.
  • Students are not expected to leave the station without obtaining prior written permission of the competent authority.
  • Throwing out waste paper, spitting, defacing the walls and committing nuisance of any kind in the hostel premises are punishable The students are expected to maintain their room in a clean and tidy condition.
  • Intoxication in any form or smoking is an offence and the student found intoxicated or smoking
  • in the hostel premises shall be liable to punishment including expulsion from the hostel.
  • Keeping of weapons and intoxicants in the room will be treated as an offence and will be dealt seriously including expulsion of the offending inmate from the hostel or college.
  • In case of any problem or any quarrel in the hostel premises the concerned students should report the matter in writing to the concerned warden Direct approaching to the higher authorities would be considered as an act of indiscipline.




No guest will be allowed in the Hostel room

Visitors and guests will be required to sign in the hostel register meant for the purpose

Visitors will be allowed between 5:00 to 8:00 pm in the evening on working days and 8:00 to 10:00 am in the morning as well as 5:00 to 8:00 pm in the evening on holidays and Sundays.



Discipline shall be supervised at different levels and the responsibility in this regard shall be shared by


  • Head of institution- Dean
  • Head of Departments
  • Assistant Librarian of the college library
  • Chief Warden and Wardens of Hostels
  • Superintendent Physical Education, Coaches and Tour In- Charge
  • Members of teaching staff




  • Heads Of Institutions Within Their Jurisdiction Shall Have The Following Powers
  • Issue warning
  • Require undertaking from student(s) for good conduct and behavior.
  • Require undertaking from the guardians/parents for good conduct and behavior of their wards.
  • Impose a fine up to 5000/-
  • Debar a student from attending classes up to 15 days.
  • Expel a student from the college up to one academic year.
  • Suspend a student pending enquiry.
  • Rusticate a student up to one year.
  • Expel a student from the hostel.
  • Deprive a student of library facilities.
  • Debar a student from participation in games, sports and other co’curricular activities.
  • Disqualify a student from appearing at the next university examination including the tests.
  • Any dispute regarding students in’discipline may referred to the Student Welfare Hostel Management and Disciplinary Committee IYNS, Ranchi.

2. Head Of Departments

  • Issue warning
  • Impose afineup to 2000/’
  • Debar a student from attending classes up to 7 days in the subject concerned.
  • Report to the head of the institution the cases deserving severe punishment.


2. Assistant Librarian OF The College Library


  • Issue Warning.
  • Impose a fine up to 500/’
  • Debar a student from the use of library for a period up to two weeks under intimation to Head of the Institution.


3. Chief Warden And Warden Of Hostels


  • Issue warning
  • Impose a fine up to Rs. 500 /- by warden and Rs. 1000/- by chief
  • Expulsion of student from the hostel by the chief warden
  • Warden   refer    to   Head   of   the   Institution   through    proper    channel    the   cases   deserving punishment.


4. Superintendent Physical Education Coaches/Tour In-Charge/Practic Al Training Supervisor


  • Issue warning
  • Impose a fine up to 500/
  • Recommend to the Head of the Institution for the expulsion of the student from the College Team/Tour for a specific period.
  • Report to Head of the Institution cases deserving severe punishment.


5. Member Of The Teaching Staff


  • Issue warning
  • Impose a fine up to 500/-
  • Report cases deserving severe punishment immediately with full particulars to Head of Department.

6. Unfair Means In The Examination


Unfair means shall include the following


  • Communicating or attempting to communicate with the Controller of examination of the University or any person of his office or superintendent of Examination or person connected with the conduct of examination or with any paper setter or examiner with the object of finding out the name and address of the paper setter or examiner, for finding out the questions that have been set in by the paper setter or examiner or with the objective of influencing any of them in discharge of his/her duties in connection with the examination.
  • Giving or receiving assistance in answering the question paper to or from any other candidate/person in the examination hall or outside the examination hall.
  • Having in possession during examination time, any paper, books or notes which have relevance to the examination concerned.
  • Anything written on the ink pot cover, scales or any other instrument or on any kind of furniture with which he/she is concerned which may have relevance to the examination concerned.
  • Anything written or signs made on the body of the candidate, clothes/garments, paper or any substances, which may have relevance to the examination concerned.
  • Using or attempting to use any other unfair means during the examination or in connection with the examination.
  • Smuggling in or out an answer book or impersonifying a candidate or helping an examiner/examinee.


Impersonation (mimicked identity) will be considered as an unfair means adopted by both the parties and would be dealt with as specified in the procedural code for dealing with such cases.


Copying actually from the material not to be used in the examination.

Talking or whispering to other candidate or to any unauthorized person inside or outside the examination room during the examination hours without the permission of a member of the supervisory staff.

     Any other activity, which may give undue advantage in the examination to any student.


Insolent Behavior/Disorderly Conduct During Examinations


All examinees in the examination hall or outside but within the campus of the Examination Centre during the examination shall be under the disciplinary control of the superintendent of the Centre or his nominee and shall obey his instructions. Disorderly conduct includes,


  • Disobeying the instructions of the Superintendent/ Add. Superintendent/ Asstt. Superintendent/Invigilator or any member of the Flying Squad.
  • Threatening, intimidation or assaulting the Superintendent/Add. Superintendent/ Asstt. Superintendent/invigilator or any member of the Flying Squad or any member of staff working at the examination centre before, during or after the examination hours.
  • Misbehavior with the Superintendent/ Superintendent/ Asstt. Superintendent/ invigilator or any member of the Flying Squad or any member working at the examination centre in connection with the examination before, during or after the examination hours.
  • Leaving the examination room before expiry of the time stipulated for doing so after the commencement of the examination or leaving the examination room without obtaining the permission of the invigilator or without handing over the answer book to the invigilator or without signing the attendance sheet.
  • Tearing of or mutilating an answer book (main or supplementary) or any part thereof.
  • Disturbing or disrupting the conduct of examination or attempting to do so.
  • Insisting or compelling any other candidate to leave the examination room or to disturb boycott the examination.
  • Bringing into the examination Hall/Centre any weapon or any other material objected to by the invigilator/Centre Supt. or any other member of the supervisory staff.
  • Appearing in the examination without being in possession of the proper admission card unless permitted by the Centre Superintendent.
  • Refusing to be searched by the Invigilator/Centre Superintendent/any other member of the Supervisory staff/any staff member of the flying squad or obstructing or hindering such search in the examination Hall, Verandah, Urinal etc.


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