• The required condition of attendance shall not be deemed to have been satisfied in respect of the subject, unless the student has ordinarily attended all the scheduled theory and practical classes, provided, the minimum requirement of attendance shall not be less than 70% of scheduled theory and practical separately.
  • A candidate having attendance below 70% in a subject shall not be eligible to appear in the annual examination of that subject.
  • The percentage of attendance of a student in a subject shall be computed on the basis of the total number of theory and practical classes scheduled between the date of commencement of instructions and date of closing of instructions irrespective of the date of registration, provided, for the students who are reverted back owing to failure in the compartmental examination, the attendance shall be counted from the date of declaration of result of compartmental examination and the date of closing of instructions and the attendance for the First year shall be counted from the date of registration.
  • If a student is absent continuously for 10 working days in annual system, his/her registration in the semester/academic session will be cancelled and his/ her parents will be informed accordingly.
  • If a regular student of the college fails to register on scheduled time or fail to attend the classes after registration continuously for 45 days in annual system, without the permission of the Dean of the college, the name of student will be removed from the college rolls and his/her parents will be informed.

NOTE: Academic rules, regulations and course contents shall be modified as per INC & JNRC guidelines issued from time to time.



Indiscipline includes


  • Continuous irregularity in attendance, en masse cutting of classes and negligence in the work assigned.
  • Causing disturbance or nuisance in classroom, college premises, office, library, hostel, playgrounds, college administrative office and on any campus of the college.
  • Acts of disobedience and defiance of lawful orders, rules and regulations.
  • Misconduct or misbehavior towards a member of the teaching staff of the Institution, Council member of any of the Statutory bodies of the institute or any visitor to the council or the Institutions of fellow student(s).
  • Causing damage to the property of the Institution or the council, disfiguring or abusing the property including library books and periodicals.
  • Instigating/Spreading misleading reports or rumor.
  • Consumption of intoxication drinks or drugs inside the college campus including hostels and playgrounds.
  • Refusal to produce identity card on demand.
  • Involvement in any criminal activity or offence during the course of studies inside or outside the campus.
  • Possession of arms and weapons in places mentioned above.
  • Impersonation on any occasion.
  • Inciting others to commit any of the aforesaid activities.


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