The total duration of the course is 2 years (18+6 months internship)

First Year

1.Total weeks-52 weeks

2.Vacation-4 weeks

3.Gazette holiday-2 weeks

4.Preparatory holidays and examinations- 3 weeks

5.Teaching hours in a week-43 weeks

Total teaching hours- 43×40 hours/week=1760 hrs.


Second year (including internship)

1.Total week-52 weeks

2.Vacation- 4 weeks

3.Gazette holiday-2 weeks

4.Preparatory holidays and examination- 2 weeks

5.Teaching hours in  week- 44 weeks

Total teaching hours- 44 weeks×40 hours/week=1760 hrs.


1.The minimum educational requirement shall be the passing of 12 Years of schooling (10+2) Year course recognized by CBSE/ICSE/SSSCE/HSCE or a recognized equivalent examination minimum age for admissions.

2.The minimum age for admission shall be 17 Years on or before 31st December of the year in which the admission is sought. 


3.The maximum educational requirement shall be 35 Years.




2 Years



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